Welcome to my Portfolio!

During my sophmore year of highschool I took a Web Design class.

Here are links to some of the projects I have created over the semester. Check them out!

All About Buena Vista Colorado!

This was a project where we chose a small town in Colorado and made a website about things to do and why it would be a good place to visit or move to.

Clara's Travel Agency!

This was a project where we chose a place in the world and made a travel agency website. I chose to make a travel itinerary of Vietnam.

Mason's Dumpling Shop!

This project was where chose a restaurant around Boulder and made a website showcasing some of the options on the menu by using tables within our code.

Dino Game!

This was one of the last little projects we did where we used JavaScript to code a dino game similar to the one you will recieve when you have no internet.